Crisped Sausage 9-

Crisped Ulis sausage, truffle almonds, castelvetrano olives


Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs 7- *

Fresh eggs, local smoked trout puree, chive


Warm Baguette and Brown Butter 6-

Brown butter with sage and pumpkin seeds, warm baguette


Roasted Truffle Almonds 6- *

Truffle oil, truffle salt, rosemary and thyme


Sicilian Olives 6.5- *

Marinated in rosemary and coriander


Castelvetrano Olives 6.5- *

Bright green in color, buttery flavor


Pickled Vegetables 6- *

House pickled seasonal vegetables


Cheese Trio 12-

Three fresh organic cheeses, nuts, olives, fruit and crostini


                                                   Pâté au Poivre Noir 11-                                                  

French country style artisan pork and chicken pâté served with cornichons, Dijon and housemade pickled shallots and pickled grapes



Charcuterie & Cheese 16-

Charcuterie and Cheese assortment, Truffle almonds, fig preserve, mustard, pickled vegetables, fruit and crostini  


Smoke on the Water 17-

Smoked Salmon & Smoked Scallops from Gerrard & Dominique, cucumber Salad, crème fraiche, capers, pickled shallot and crackers


Mediterranean 13- Vegetarian

Housemade hummus, tyrosalata, cucumber salad, artichoke relish, and crackers



Baked Cheese 12‐ Vegetarian

Goat milk brie with warmed spiced honey sauce & chopped hazelnuts


Pork Sliders  11-

                                      Brined then dry rubbed Caitlin Farms pulled‐pork                                       slow cooked and served on 3 warmed buns with slaw


Smoked Salmon Sliders 12-

Three Hot-smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon sliders with lemon dill aioli, shredded cabbage slaw and lemon wedge


Tartine 10‐

Baguette split and toasted with toppings of fig preserve, Gorgonzola cheese and prosciutto  


Bruschetta 10‐

Grilled Baguette topped with our featured fresh ingredients. Ask your server or see our slate board for our current toppings


Panini 12-

Grilled Baguette with a selection of fresh organic ingredients served with green salad. Ask your server or see our slate board for our current ingredients


Bolognese 13-  

Three cheese tortellini with housemade Bolognese sauce & shaved parmesan



   Beet Salad  12- Vegetarian

     Roasted Beets, baby greens, goat cheese, candied

         pecan, apple, vinaigrette


    Kale Caesar  10-

        Fresh baby kale, housemade Caesar dressing and  

         croutons, shaved parmesan

         Add smoked scallops $4


                                 Soup Du jour                               

Cup 5-

Bowl 6-



Crème Brulee 7-







* Served after close of kitchen Sun-Thurs 10pm and Fri-Sat 11pm